Mobile Computing for Utilities

///Mobile Computing for Utilities

Mobile Computing for Utilities

The utility sector including gas, oil, power, water and telecommunications have large field work forces comprising technicians, supervisor and inspectors.  This workforce spends a large proportion of their day outside of an office.

Their tasks are often performed in adverse conditions; wet weather, dust, extremes of temperature and bright sunlight.  Many of their tasks require critical data such as circuit diagrams, GIS data and technical manuals to be available in real time or stored locally on their devices.

Whether up a power pole, immersed in a telecommunications pit or testing a remote oil pipeline, the tasks are demanding and computer equipment failure is not an option; safety, timely work order completion and “one shot only”  data collection can be adversely affected by not choosing a “fit for purpose” device.  Over 15 years experience attests to the significantly lower TCO (Total Cost of Ownership)  of rugged mobile computers.

The brilliant Xplore range now offers the largest rugged computer choice of any global manufacturer and is the world’s number two selling producer.

With such a range the choices ensure the best fit is always available for any task; supervisor and site inspectors may spend part of their time in the field but return to the office and the XSLATE R12 tablet transforms into a desktop unit…one device only works for all applications.  Conversely a worker deep in a water course way up to their knees in mud will revel in an XC6 ultra rugged tablet for real time access to GIS data.

Now utilities are really spoilt for choice with the ideal field partner readily available at easily justified acquisition costs.  Following are the ideal optimised product ranges for utilities.

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