XC6 DM DML Rugged Tablet PC

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XC6 DM DML Rugged Tablet Models

Ideal for Indoor Industrial Workflows

The Xplore XC6 Dual-Mode and Dual-Mode Lite rugged tablet PCs are optimized for indoor industrial work with a glove compatible multi touch display suited for ambient lighting conditions. The XC6 DML tablet is the lowest priced rugged tablet PC in the XC6 series. This durable tablet model uses an Intel® Celeron Dual Core processor- perfect for running less data-intensive applications.  The XC6 DM tablet features the same high end processor available in the other XC6 family members; ideally suited to processor intensive work applications.

The XC6 DM & DML rugged tablet PC models are the perfect choice where sunlight readability is not a key requirement.

Xplore XC6 DM DML
Xplore XC6 DM DML Ultra Rugged Warehouse/Industrial tablet
  • Optimized for Rugged Indoor Environments

    Multi-touch resistive display works with gloves and while soaking wet

  • Integrated SmartCard/CAC reader Option

    Multi-factor authentication protection against unauthorized data access

  • Drop-Ready and Resilient Around Water and Dust Exposure

    MIL-STD-810G Certified and IP67 Rating with an industry-high 7′ drop rating

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Technology Accessibility in the Most Extreme Working Environments

Whether on a fleet of forklifts or running a high output factory machine, if the work has to be done, the Xplore XC6 DM DML units shine.  No downtime, no loss of production…increased profitability!

XC6 DM DML Models at Work