XC6 DMCR Rugged Tablet PC

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The Toughest Mobile Computer Purpose Built to Meet Clean Room Demands

Industrial Clean Room environments have high demands on personnel and their tasks often require superior computer performance, yet need to adhere to the strictest hygiene requirements of clean rooms. The XC6 DMCR protects against the ingress of contaminants; food, biological or chemical and can withstand random vibrations, temperature extremes, and can be easily treated with anti-bacterial agents or  sterilizing washes for cleanup.

Xplore XC6 DMSR
Xplore XC6 DMSR at work
  • Built Rugged for Clean Rooms

    MIL-STD-810G Certified and IP-rated protection against contaminants and cleaning solutions, vibrations and extreme temperature fluctuations

  • Most Advanced Performance Platform in Its Rugged Mobile Computing Class

    4th gen Intel® Core™ i5 processor, Dual SSDs, up to 16GB of memory, user-configurable RAID array

  • Field-Proven Rugged Tablet Designs

    Flexible user interface with an innovative auto-switching digitizer pen supports both glove-touch and active pen inputs. Custom docking options and an attached handle enable specialized portability for Clean Room environments.

  • Total Control of Ownership

    One of the best clean room rugged tablets for a long, stable lifecycle. Backed by a proven track record of high reliability with low failure rates. User-accessible bays allow for in-field upgrades and repairs.

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Ultra Mobile Computing in Clean Rooms

Critical work is being conducted behind the closed doors of laboratories and other clean room sites worldwide. Whether your research and development efforts are being driven by a chip manufacturer, government agency, biotechnology program or healthcare organization, Xplore’s tablet PCs can improve workflows and provide the best tools for your personnel.